In everything you do,

give everything you've got.

     Unless you're giving blood.

       Austin Kyle just wants to be a normal freshman at college, get a girl, make some friends, maybe even make it to a class or two, except for one thing. Thanks to a car accident in high school and the resulting blood transfusions needed to save him, he now unknowingly carries the cure for Cancer in his blood. 

       Dr. Greer has been working towards a cure for Cancer for the last ten years, funding and operating a smaller version of a medical X prize. Fate brings these two together when Austin becomes a paid volunteer at the Dr.'s foundation. When the Doctor realizes what Austin's blood is capable of, she devises a plan. It's the only way she can be sure to control what might possibly be the cure for every illness on Earth.

       Meanwhile Austin's girlfriend, Mia, has been suffering from Leukemia hoping to use a year at college to live a normal life. She tries to hide her sickness from Austin and their growing band of friends, wanting them to only see her and not her disease. As her health deteriorates she pushes them away in an attempt to save her friends from enduring the devastation her own family went through watching her mom's losing battle against breast cancer.

Will Austin be able to make his way back to her in time? Does she even want him to?

The Heart of It All (HeartSick Series Book 1)

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